Seattle: Mr. Misleading

I knew my first date with Seattle was coming up, but had barely prepared—I didn’t look him up online, but had asked around. I would be meeting the Emerald City through work, but a few of my friends knew him personally and swore he was a great guy: outdoorsy, good-looking and well-rounded. Still seeing New York City, I’m always skeptical.

We had a week together, which had the potential to be a bit overwhelming, but I really wanted to get to know him. I’ve never dated a Northwesterner and wanted to see if this was the change I needed. I was so nervous I couldn’t even decide what to wear.

When we first met, I liked everything about him: attractive without trying, so much fun, and he could cook! No one cooks like New York, but Seattle treated me to the best food I’d had in a while, from sushi to Italian to farm-to-table. Between his taste and how much my friends liked him, I was easily interested, and we had an undeniable spark. After our first perfect day together he suggested a day of sailing sometime during the week…talk about irresistible.

In the following days we visited the famous local market and a glass museum, rode a ferry and a ferris wheel, tasted local wines and craft beers, ate out in all his neighborhoods, and took a boat cruise on two lakes…but still hadn’t found a good day for sailing. We shared a love for parks and dogs, a mutual dependence on coffee, and the need to be surrounded by water, but he seemed hesitant to go sailing with only a few days left. By the time the sunset over the Olympic Mountains and Puget Sound, we were smitten with each other. I started to think this might work out…especially once we romantically sailed in this scene.

But Seattle was leading me on. He’d spent several days trying to impress, but I should’ve known he was too good to be true. On the last day of my visit he swore it’d be sunny and we’d finally go sailing with my friends as the picture-perfect finale to a wistful week together, but he was lying through his trees. The day was cloudy and cold from sun up to sun down and as I’d feared, he stood us up.

I almost fell for him, and even now I wonder if the good days could be worth the bad ones. Would the beautiful days in parks or on boat cruises suffice for the grey days standing between us and a good sail? But many a girl has committed to Seattle only to find he’s a fair weather fling, and I can sail with New York any day of the week. I’m not going to find consistency with Sea City, and I’d hate to multiply that day of disappointment by 10 months out of every year, but another summer together wouldn’t be the worst idea…

What I learned about dating:
First impressions aren’t everything, time will always tell.

What I learned about travel: You know a trip was good when it endured rain or shine, and the best destinations have enough of a variety to entertain in either.


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