New York City: The Fighter

Manhattan and I had only met twice before I was ready to get serious, I just had no idea how stubbornly the city would fight commitment. I admit I didn’t know him well before taking the leap, but I knew on paper we were perfect for each other.

I wanted to pursue journalism and he was an absolute expert; he’d known the best of the best writers for years. It’s not that I saw him as a connection for networking, I genuinely thought I could learn from being around him. And it wouldn’t hurt to meet some of those friends in the process.

Plus, we could be adventurous together. New York takes girls to the most unique and innovative restaurants, activities and entertainment and I love new and out of the box dates. We would have so many shows, tastings, events and outings ahead of us if we could see each other more often.

Most of all, I just want someone who shares my love for travel, and that love isn’t about the actual movement, but seeing the world, discovering other cultures, and gaining perspective from diversity. New York City knows the world better than anyone and has relationships and experiences from every culture imaginable. He speaks over 300 languages while I’m still working on two!

Obviously New York was way out of my league, but I wanted him, and I was willing to move to make it happen. A thousand miles later he wasn’t as flattered as you’d think. Like I said, he fought it.

NYC didn’t help with the apartment or job search, if anything he made it more difficult. Selfishly he wanted me in apartments way out of my price range and seemed to prefer I not work, but we eventually compromised. I found a studio and waitressing job that would do until I could land a decent spot at a magazine. Those first two weeks were so tumultuous I nearly went back home, but deep down I knew we were meant to be together. We just had to get to know each other better.

And we did. In the following years I’ve learned a lot about Manhattan, and fortunately time’s brought us closer together. I found the city has a lot of weird and crazy friends, but he has the unique ability to make them feel like they belong…often at a table I’m serving or next to me on the subway. I’ve learned the city’s random and unpredictable no matter how well you know him and he continues to surprise me. I’ve also realized the city always has more to discover and I learn a new thing about him everyday. He’ll never get old and neither will our dates.

I surfed, golfed and rode ATVs for the first time with NYC. I’ve had the finest French, Italian and Australian foods with him, too. We’ve enjoyed interactive plays, cooking and language classes together, seen unbelievable concerts, and cheered on the best baseball, tennis and track athletes around.

How’s it lasted three years? He finally started fighting for me. With every adventure, Manhattan’s realized I’m up for the challenges he presents and that we’re passionate about the same things. We’re a perfect match, but the fighting wears on me.

There are days I can’t get anywhere on time because Manhattan’s so late giving me a ride. Then on my way his weird friends will make a scene or verbally abuse me and the city has to remind me what I love about him to cheer me up. And our relationship costs me a fortune. Manhattan’s not like other guys, he wears the pants, but I pay for everything, and I justify the cost cause he’s worth it.

But spending so much on this relationship must have me feeling like a guy, because now I’m fighting the commitment. There are just so many fish overseas… It’s not that I don’t think Manhattan and I could last forever and be perfectly happy, and I do love him, but I have to see what else is out there. I want to meet other cities and I’m not ready to settle down yet. I don’t think New York will ever settle down actually, but he has me too hooked to break it off for good.

So I’m off dating other destinations, continuing the journey despite feeling at home with New York. So far I keep coming back but I’m still not sure if it’s permanent. Only travel will tell…

What I learned about dating:
Don’t rush an early crush.
What I learned about travel:
You can live in the places that once seemed too far or foreign.
Pillow Talk:
Tell us what makes Manhattan such an eligible bachelor.

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