Ash’s Dream Date with Manhattan

Make sure he shows you his skyline.

To, me Manhattan’s best qualities are his taste in food and wine, love for the outdoors, and one-of-a-kind ideas. We could date every day and night for years and still find new things to do, but here’s my perfect outing together:

  • Brunch at Hundred Acres
    This isn’t an all-you-can-drink special, it’s simply the best comfort food imaginable in the most adorable atmosphere. Biscuits and mimosas in the indoor garden would be a scrumptious and picturesque way to start the day.

  • A Walk in the Park
    I’m not exaggerating when I say that I would stroll through Washington Square Park because it’s nearest, then head downtown via the High Line, and cross over to Bryant Park at the other end, because I’ve done it before. Manhattan’s used to a lot of walking and this not only works off the eggs and pancakes consumed, it’s a beautiful way to take each other in. You could say I walk all over him.

  • An Adventure
    This is how I describe every Saturday that Manhattan and I try something new together. Whether a tasting and tour at Chelsea Brewery or City Winery, golf or trapeze school on Chelsea Piers, a show or concert, or games at Fat Cat, there are endless recreational activities and even classes to get to know each other over. When it’s nice out, anything on the water’s ideal–boat cruise, sailing, kayaking, whatever he’s up for.

  • Dinner at One of My 100 Favorite Restaurants
    To this, I prefer the city surprise me, because I can never decide. I recommend Supper or Palma for Italian, La Esquina for Mexican, Public for exotic meat and International wines, Mono + Mono for sushi, or Atlantic Grill for seafood.

  • A Rooftop Under the Stars
    I recently became a fan of La Piscine at Hotel Americano, but am just as happy at Rare’s rooftop on the Hilton or Vudu Bar over La Quinta. This is as romantic as it is exhilarating for me, when Manhattan shows you his skyline and gives you butterflies with a breeze and one more glass of wine.

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