Paris: Big Man on Campus

A double date to the Louvre.

Paris was that guy I’d heard all about and was pretty much over his reputation. I mean I wanted to meet him and see if all the hype was worth it, but I was confident he was overrated. I’d dated plenty of European guys and was sick of girls swooning over this particular one. He was tagged with a dozen different girls on facebook clearly trying to make someone jealous, but like most people pretending they’re not interested in Mr. Popular, I wasn’t disappointed when he swept me off my feet.

Paris had a surprise waiting around every corner; I could not possibly have been bored with him. He took me to amazing restaurants, awesome museums and beautiful parks. We biked together, rode boats and took long, romantic walks. He had a sophisticated accent that grew on me and loved wine like Florence. I could see how so many different females fall for him.

He’s one of those guys who’s so gorgeous he gets away with being stubborn, but people still love being around him. We got very little alone time with all his friends, but he’s so much fun to be around I couldn’t blame them. Other guys think every girl just wants to see his Eiffel Tower, and although it is big, I was surprised there’s much more to him.

He even met my parents, and I worried our date wouldn’t be as romantic with them there, but we were all falling for him. He could cook, was a musician, and loved the outdoors–a package deal. With even more tricks up his sleeve, he took my twin out with us trying to win the whole family over. I found myself wanting to stick around yet again, but this date was merely a meet and greet, and I’d established that.

In the end, I have to admit we could’ve lasted much longer–he would never get old with how many date ideas he had, but our relationship was doomed from the start. I just wanted to flirt and never expected to get a crush. I’m sure we’ll go out again in the future, maybe even a little one-on-one, but we’ll continue to keep it casual.

What I learned about dating: Guys can surprise you, give good ones a chance.

What I learned about travel: Each place impacts each person differently and I want to find out for myself.


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