meet the gals

Ash and Mag’s 25th birthdays came at a time when they couldn’t have been more single. They’d clumsily attempted long-term, long distance, casual, serious, complicated, online, blind, group and double dating, but shamefully regressed to IMs and text messages at best in a city of 8 million people. Reflecting on how disastrous every experience dating had proven, the pair realized the only successful relationships they’d had, were the ones with destinations—with cities, countries, coasts, places. That guy your friend can’t shut up about…that’s their last trip. Still swooning over your college sweetheart? They do that over their summers abroad (not that those didn’t involve boys).

While Mag maintains a long-term relationship with the Upper West Side and Ash lets her on-again-off-again fling with Chinatown linger, the duo’s dream of pursuing their first love—travel—will become their reality, when they leave the reality that dating is actually a nightmare, behind. This journey’s a love story of the world whisking them away, their quarter-life quest for Mr. Right—he just looks nothing like they’d imagined…and that’s what makes travel so attractive.


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