On my roof with the closest thing I have to a boyfriend.

Ash began dating in the 5th grade and hasn’t really taken a break until now. Her elementary school sweetheart moving out of state was the first of many lessons on love and her relationship with New York has only added to the confusion. Having dreamed of romantic involvement with the city for years before arriving, the disconnect between her expectations and reality—both good and bad—have made for an interesting story in the least.

Besides the guy who kept his cat’s ashes on his windowsill, the guy who forgot her name in front of her, and the boyfriend who stood her up at the airport twice, she’s engaged in tumultuous relationships with Italy, Chicago and Florida alike. Ash knows a thing or two about dating, and a thing or 20 about breaking up. She blogs about her love/hate relationships with these cities and a humanitarian spin on her travels at her website, where you can see her professional work and get to know her a little better.

Ash’s dream date: wine and a cheese plate in a picture-perfect spot to see the sunset…right after a physically exhausting, out of the box adventure.


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